The first hardcover book in Dutch about the Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog is a fact and the final result is awesome.

The book is very informative and will appeal to both lovers, owners and breeders of the Tatra Shepherd Dog. It costs € 24,75 plus shipping- and handling charges. If you would like to purchase a copy, simply fill in the order form.
Given the very high costs associated with a commercial book, we ourselves will publish the book, so it can only be ordered via this website provided it is still in stock.

An English and French version will also be published in due course. We are currently working on translations. In addition, some minor adjustments will follow, specifically for the countries where the language in question is spoken. If you want to place a pre-order, use the order form for the English or French book on this website.

Dora de Jong & Wilma de Brabander